Where have I heard that song before? If you answered a Quentin Tarantino or Robert Rodriguez movie, then you know the music of Los Alacranes de R.V.A. the newest band in Richmond, Virginia featuring Paulo Franco on guitar and vocals, Paul Pearce on lead guitar and vocals, Bryan Martin on bass and vocals and Rob Lytle on drums and vocals. Together, these musicians have decades of experience playing in venues throughout Virginia and the United States. 

The band came together one night at a party where Paulo played some of his original songs in Spanish along with one of his favorites, La Malagueña Salerosa. Rob approached Paulo about putting a band together emphasizing songs in Spanish, and the seeds were planted. Rob called Bryan, Paulo called Paul and just like that, a band was born. Rob and Bryan form the rhythm section for Cashmere Jungle Lords and the Bopcats; Rob has also played with Crome Daddy Disco and the Bellevue Rhythmaires); Fuzzy with My Son the Doctor; Paul can be seen in his other projects Vexine, For Those About to Rock, and Blue Suede Sun; and Paulo with his solo acoustic project and most recently with the Freightliners. 

Los Alacranes de R.V.A. features Paulo's original songs in English and Spanish.  Paulo is a first generation American whose parents were raised in Medellín, Colombia.  The band also includes covers in its repertoire by artists like The Mavericks, Los Lobos, Chingon, Cruzados, Tito and Tarantula, Alejandro Escovedo and more!! The songs are up tempo and designed to get you grooving!! You'll hear these songs with an authentic voice (Paulo speaks and sings fluent Spanish), filled with the passion and energy that they convey musically and story wise. In fact, the band takes its name from one of the songs on Chingon's 2010 release, Alacrán Y Pistolero. Alacrán is the Spanish word for Scorpion! You'll be transported to towns in Mexico, wind swept evenings in Havana, the mountains of Medellín and the deserts of Texas and the American Southwest. Stories of love both actual and unrequited, tragedy and adventure - in English and in Spanish. Are you ready to get stung? Because Los Alacranes de R.V.A. are ready to rock!!

Los Alacranes de R.V.A.